In loving memory of my Step Sister Stacey
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Your Legacy?

Leave a Lasting Legacy


Let Us Help You Leave a Lasting Legacy and Impression to your family, friends, loved ones and more.

Prescious Treasure

The Most Prescious Treasure is Family, Friends, Loved One's and Memories. Let us help you keep your memory alive with our legacy advantage program dedicated to preserving you, the area around you and so much more for your friends, family and those you love now and tomorrow.

The Story Behind The Idea & The Focus


More Benefits

Here is a Question For You!

Who Will Remember You and How Will They Remember You?


Let's be honest; think about a loved one who you once knew, loved and cherished and passed away long ago (not recently). Do you still remember the following;

Their Voice

What They Looked Like

Their Like's, Dislikes, Inspirations, etc

Did they do something important or even historic?

I am sure your agree you forgot something in their that really means alot to you... unless you are fortunate enough to have photographic and similiar type memories. Even if that was the case your family will not remember any of this 20, 30, even 40 years from now or even children born during, after or were extremely young during the loss of the loved one.

So you may be wonderinng what do I do! I don't want that to happen to me; for my family to forget the best parts of me!

You Can Register and Make Sure Your Family can Remember these Things. Not to Count the Other Benefits Which i Will go into More Detail Next.

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Help Your Family Learn about Family Medical Problems

There is a Section In Your Account Where You Can Write Your Medical Conditions down or inform Your Family What To Look Out For.

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Preserved Data for Lifetime of Internet, Computers or Data Displays

All Data is Stored in 4 Locations and Will be UPDATED ACCORDINGLY TO MAINTAIN DATA INTEGRITY.

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Help Your Family Learn About You From You! See Sample Below;

Here Is A Small Representation of What Family, Friends and Others Will See.

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Avoid Family Conflict

You Can Avoid Family Conflict about Burial VS. Cremation with our Unique Product That Combines Several Aspects with Ability To Playback a Loved Ones Voice (More Details Coming Later on Here is the prototype image;


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With our Customized Solutions Your be Able to Save Thousands Over Burials While Reaping All The Benefits. Those Who Still Want To Do Burial Will Be Able To Save Money In The Coming Future.

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Helping The Environment

For Every Unit Purchased we Plant a Tree... Typically a Fruit Tree will Not Only Provide Benefits to Environment But also Provide Food for the Starving. CURRENTLY THIS FEATURE IS ACTIVE IN PREP STAGE ALL ORDERS AND SUCH THAT QUALIFY WILL BE PLANTED UPON ENOUGH FUNDS TO PURCHASE LAND AND SETUP REST OF THE ASPECTS.

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Earn Money

Rather than Pay MILLIONS for MARKETING we would rather PAY YOU 10% of all SIGNUPS and ORDERS YOUR SIGNUPS PURCHASE.

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YOU CAN REMEMBER US BUT WHAT ABOUT OUR PETS.... Relax Its Coming Soon... Taking Suggestions

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