In loving memory of my Step Sister Stacey
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Christopher Wayne Jones

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MY MOTTO: "We all can change the world for the better, but only those who act on it will ever see anything come about."


  • One of my biggest inspirations is heroes in movies.


  • In 2010 I became homeless but I refused to reach that point again so I vowed to always try everything to make a living and the thing that sticks will be my security blanket.


  • Received a Bachelors degree in Information Technology focused on Web Development in March of 2016
  • Acquired a Culinary Arts Certificate in High School ranking top 10% nationwide in June of 2007

MY MESSAGE: "I was homeless in 2010 and I never gave up so neither should you. I vowed I would never be homeless again and I strive everyday for financial security."


  • Hobbies: Writing
  • Hobbies: Inventing
  • Things To Do: Playing Video Games
  • Things To Do: Fishing
  • Teachers: Mr. Wollan
  • Books: Goosebumps Series
  • Books: Harry Potter Series
  • Stories: The Boy Who Cried Wolf
  • Drinks: Milkshakes
  • Drinks: Snapple
  • Food: Alaskan King Crab
  • Food: Hawaiin Pizza
  • Games: Kingdom of Hearts 1&2 - PS2
  • Games: Diablo Series
  • Music: Band Blind Guardian
  • Music: Band Imagine Dragons
  • Music: Band Manowar
  • Music: Band Hammerfall
  • Movie: Eragon
  • Movie: Earthsea
  • Movie: Fluke
  • Movie: Stardust
  • Movie: The five people we meet in heaven


  • Fishing
  • Singing
MORE INFORMATION: "I will fill this out later in life."


  • I hate having to explain myself more than once.

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